Top 10 Best Ways to Reduce Your Company's Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions have been skyrocketing in the last few decades and continue to have a devastating effect on our planet and lives.

Luckily more and more companies have been embracing green practices to do their part and reduce their own carbon footprint. Here are a few ways you can modify workplace behaviors to help conserve energy.

Turn Off Equipment and Lights

Wasted energy has a huge impact on the environment. While machines run when they aren’t in use or lights shine in an unoccupied workspace the electrical grid churning out power and adding pollution to the environment.

Install timers to lights and equipment that will power them off during off hours like nights and weekends or if rooms are left unoccupied.

Switch to LED Lighting

Incandescent lighting is inefficient and energy consuming. LED lighting on the other hand uses half as much energy and can last 25 times longer.

Switching bulbs will significantly reduce the amount of electricity needed to light your facility as well as reduce the amount of waste produced by frequently replacing old bulbs.

Reduce Water Usage

Despite water being a natural resource the energy it takes to treat, pump and heat it can cause a real strain on the environment. By reducing the amount of water your business uses you can reduce the energy that comes with that usage.

Great ways to do this is upgrading faucets and irrigation as well as just good old-fashioned awareness.

Recycle and Reuse

We all know the saying – reduce, reuse, recycle. This practice extends to more than just your home.

According to the EPA in 2016 29% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the production, transport, use and disposal of ‘goods.’ That means that the creation of a good your company needs as well as its disposal has a huge impact on the environment. A way to mitigate this while maintaining your business is by recycling whenever possible, purchasing used items if you can and donating or selling used but still useful items you no longer need.

Use Technology

Many companies are utilizing cutting edge technology from green energy startups to change the way they use energy.

An example of this is the use of a harmonics filter from Onics Energy. These devices work with your electricity to cut out the noise around electrical current drastically reducing unused and unchecked energy that is going back into the grid or causing equipment malfunctions. While a simple idea, reducing the noise in your electricity can do a lot for you business like make your facility use energy smarter, extend equipment life, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs – all which contribute to a more green workplace.

Support Clean Energy Sources

The biggest way the world is going to combat greenhouse gas emissions are through the development and use of clean energy sources like wind and solar power.

If you are committed you can install solar panels to your facility’s roof but you don’t have to physically implement clean energy yourself to make a difference. Advocating for clean energy is an essential action in making real permanent change in manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Modify Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Overheating or overcooling a facility is a big way to waste energy as well as money. Make sure you have programmable thermostats that can be modified when spaces are unoccupied at night, during weekend or other off time. There is no need to fully heat a building when there are no people in it. Setting your heat even a few degrees lower can save an enormous amount of energy.

Consume Less

Contribute more by consuming less. Look for ways to help your business produce less trash. Instead of printing out flyers and other paperwork digitize it!

You can also consume less by being more aware of what you need versus what you actually use. By keeping track you can eliminate waste.

Insulate Buildings

Heating and air conditioning is a major energy drain, not to mention expensive.

By insulating area where people work you can reduce the work your heating and cooling system has to do to maintain a temperature. Also be sure to make sure areas around doors and windows are tightly sealed to reduce heat loss.

Encourage Carpooling

Reducing your carbon footprint extends to your employees, too. Offer incentives for employees to carpool to work. Fewer cars on the road use less gasoline and reduce exhaust emissions. It may seem small but each car off the road is a win for the environment.