Improving Availability of Onics Harmonics Energy Filters in the US & Canada

Onics Energy is now licensing resellers of the state-of-the-art harmonics filtering technology nationwide and in Canada. This will open up hundreds of new markets and provide opportunities to help even more companies and governments reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy expenses with our exciting green technology.

Energy waste costs businesses thousands of dollars every month. One of those waste areas is Total Harmonics Distprtion (THD). THD causes problems in your power distribution system, which can lead to over-heating and failure of equipment, power losses of select power system distribution components, and, above all, energy waste. 

Harmonics distortion affects non-linear load equipment like tvs, printers, phones, lighting, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, computers, monitors and more – equipment virtually every business uses everyday.

A passive harmonics filter like our OES-11 can reduce electrical noise and help make energy use more efficient. Onics Energy Filters are UL and MET LAB certified and easy to install on the cold side with no additional components required. These filters will not interfere with operations during or after installation, and they typically provide a positive return on investment in as little as four months.

We're excited to welcome six new resellers who have the capability and network to offer Onics to businesses nationwide.