Sources Of Energy Savings With A Harmonics Filter

Installing a Harmonics Filter inside your business facility is a smart way to reduce energy usage and save money without the huge upfront cost that comes with a huge green retrofit. So where exactly will you see those savings come from?

More Efficient Energy Usage

The way Harmonics Energy Filters work is by cutting out the noise from the electrical current. If you look at a Waveform reading of your current electricity you will see that it has large peaks and dips but when you look after it has been filtered the wave is much tighter indicating a more efficient current. Think of it like taking a pixilated image and making it sharper and clearer.

Slow Down Equipment Aging

Replacing office equipment can get expensive fast. Non-linear load equipment like computers, HVAC equipment, TVs, lighting and industrial machines can all age faster because of Total Harmonics Distortion. A noisy electrical current can cause outages and inefficient operation that takes years off a machine’s life. With a filtered current you can get rid of those detrimental effects and extend your equipment’s lifespan.

Avoid Voltage Glitches

There are few things more annoying than an electrical outage or glitch. Even a split second glitch can cause equipment to malfunction or restart taking time off its life and time out of your day. A Harmonics Filter can reduce or completely eliminate these glitches by making the electrical current more efficient and stable.

Lower kWh Consumption

If you are trying to go green, or reduce your emissions even a little cutting the kWh your business is using is a great start. You will notice a drop in kWh right after installing a Harmonics Filter and further reductions over time.

Reduce Your Electrical Bill

With all those areas of energy reduction you will certainly see a reduction in your electrical bill. Businesses can expect up to a 25 percent savings on their electricity costs after installing a Harmonics Energy Filter. Those savings increase over time when you factor in the fewer glitches that force work stoppages as well as the reduced maintenance and increased longevity of your equipment.