Boston Green Tech Startup Successfully Deploys Commercial Energy Saving Device

June 12, 2018

Patented Product Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint with Energy Savings of Up to 20% or More

Braintree, MA – Onics Energy Solutions, a Boston-based green technology startup founded in 2017, has launched six commercial trial accounts using its patented (US7948342132) energy filter. The Onics energy filter reduces Total Harmonics Distortion (THD). By reducing THD, a commercial or government building stands to save between 5-20% or more on its energy consumption.

“The preliminary numbers that are coming back from our trial accounts are very exciting. Depending on the building type and equipment in use (from manufacturing equipment to LED lighting to a room full of servers) our test accounts have been racking up huge energy savings - actually even higher than our original target estimates.

We have a few weeks remaining on our initial trials, but we cannot wait to see the final results. Once complete, we’ll be sharing the names of each of these leading businesses and hospitals along with their verified energy and carbon footprint savings,” said Chris LoPilato, CEO of Onics Energy Solutions.

The Onics energy filter, a passive device, is easily installed on the cold side of an electrical panel without any interruption of service. Each patented filter cuts THD “noise” that is caused by non-linear load equipment such as solar panels, computers, LED lighting and HVAC equipment. The 5-20% or more reduction in energy usage will help organizations reduce their harmful greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. 

“Our tiny passive device is now proven. In layman’s terms, each filter reduces energy noise that most can relate to as overheating. A great example would be when your phone becomes hot while charging - this is due to harmonics! We now have a device to reduce energy waste. This could have a huge impact nationally and globally in cutting our energy consumption and carbon footprint - a true win-win for our company and the planet,” continued LoPilato.

If you would like more information or to interview Chris LoPilato, please contact Jake Burns at 781-349-5444 x701 or email at Images of the product and CEO, Chris LoPilato, are available upon request.

Technical Highlights of the Onics Energy Filter

Power - Works with 120-480 Volts

Type of Device - Passive inductor circuit device

Unit Measures - 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” x 2”

Weight - 3.4 lbs

Installation Time - Approximately 15 minutes per electrical panel

Structure - Closed, sealed and encased in a weatherproof sealed unit contained inside a NEMA-3R box – no moving parts – no capacitors, resistors or circuit boards

Safety Tested - UL compliant and CSA listed

Certification - Independently tested and certified by Met Laboratories (UL 916 standards and guidelines

Emissions - Consumes no power and emits no emissions

Deployment - Deployed in single-phase, three-phase, multi-phase, single-panel and multiple-panel environments with a neutral bus bar (neutral line)

Panel Location - Inside or outside of electrical box cold side

Country of Origin - USA

Patent - US7948342132 


Onics Energy Solutions is a Boston-based green energy startup. It’s core product reduces Total Harmonics Distortion for commercial and industrial use. It saves up to 20% or more on energy consumption and cuts an organization’s carbon footprint immediately following installation. Learn more at

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