We Deliver Real Energy Savings

Onics Energy delivers real energy savings to your company by mitigating energy loss due to Total Harmonics Distortion (THD.) In essence, THD is wasted energy that you still pay for, even if it remains unused. Our company constantly monitors and tests modern, chip-driven electrical equipment and facilities to identify and incorporate our OES-11 filters and ultimately reduce your energy expenditure - exponentially.


Potential Sources Of Energy Savings

Total Harmonics Distortion causes a wide range of negative effects including:


Many of these negative effects are caused by non-linear load equipment:

  • Computers
  • Laser Printers
  • Smart Phones
  • TVs
  • Monitors
  • New Generation Lighting - LED
  • Working Industrial Machinery
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • HVAC
  • Solar Panels

Live Data From a Client

Take a look at one of our recent clients and their kWh consumption drop immediately after installing our Onics platform. How much will your business save?


Waveform Reading Before Onics Installation

Waveform Reading Before Onics Installation


1. Client provides Onics with specific materials including a 1-line diagram and 24 months of electrical energy bills

2. Onics assesses and analyzes client's current electrical system features, including counts of the panels, meters, and sub-meters

3. Onics provides client with a proposal including one time setup fee and projected return on investment (ROI)

4. The project agreement is finalized between client and Onics



5. Onics deploys Smart Meter Sensors within client's facility for kWh data collection and analysis

6. Onics performs due diligence, collecting electric current data and providing a consumption consistency assessment and analysis

7. Onics installs OES-11 filters with a certified electrician team

Waveform Reading After Onics Installation

Waveform Reading After Onics Installation


8. Onics continues to collect data post-installation for proof of concept (POC)

9. Onics presents POC results demonstrating before and after OES-11 filter installation energy savings %

10. Client signs the Project Agreement to complete installation

11. Onics provides an electrical energy saving reconciliation 13 months after the full installation on each facility

12. Onics continues to coordinate with client's team for any possible future adjustments due to facility developments

Live Readings Before and After an Installation

Before Onics Installation

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


After Onics Installation

Results 10 Minutes After Installation


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