Prevent Energy Waste from Costing You More

Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) is unchecked, unused electricity that is consumed "out-of-phase," grounded, or returned to the electrical grid. THD causes problems in your power distribution system, which can lead to over-heating, power losses of select power system distribution components, and, above all, energy waste. That energy waste equates to unnecessary costs for your business. 

Onics Energy is a trusted expert in mitigating the energy waste caused by THD with our patented and certified OES-11 filters. Almost any type of business can save up to 25% on their electricity bills with our cutting-edge technology. 


The Onics Harmonic Filter Solution

Today all businesses are affected by Total Harmonics Distortions (THD) which results in efficiency loss. The symptoms of harmonics usually show up in the client’s energy distribution system that supports the non-linear loads: single-phase (office equipment) and three-phase (industrial plant). What is THD? Harmonics is electricity that is not in its proper 60 Hz phase. A perfect 60 Hz sine wave would have 0% THD. Anything other than the fundamental line frequency is a harmonics distortion causing energy waste and rising cost of kWh bills.

Before Onics Installation

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)


After Onics Installation

Results 10 Minutes After Installation



Is the OES-11 filter safe?

Yes it is. The technology is UL and MET Lab certified...